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All chiropractors registered with us must complete 30 hours of CPD each year to stay on the register. This involves filling in a CPD record summary and giving information of the learning they have done.

Each year we ask a sample of chiropractors to send in evidence of their learning so that we can check broad compliance with our CPD scheme. We do this by randomly selecting a number of chiropractors by computer and asking them to send us the evidence linked to their annual CPD record.

The following questions are for chiropractors who have been randomly selected as part of the CPD audit process.

Why don't you ask for evidence of learning alone?

We recognise that CPD covers both self-directed learning, for example reading books or researching topics, and learning with others. However, since we cannot check information on self-directed learning, we ask for documentary evidence of learning undertaken with others.

What evidence must I send?

All evidence of the time you spent learning with others must be from a third party who was involved with the learning activity you completed. If it was a formal event, such as a seminar of lecture, then it must be from the organisers of the event. If it was informal, such as case discussion with colleagues, then the evidence would need to be from one of your colleagues present at that discussion.

Any evidence you send us must include:

  • your name as it appears on the register
  • the date, or range of dates, of the learning activities
  • the title of the activities, or if the learning was informal, then a brief description of the contents
  • confirmation of your attendance

Evidence can be in the form of a certificate, signed letter, or an email from the person verifying your CPD. Emails must be sent directly to us:

What can't I send as evidence?

Please note we do not accept the following as evidence of CPD:

  • course notes
  • textbooks
  • receipts or invoices of any kind.

How do I send evidence?

You can upload evidence of your learning via the portal in the same place that you complete your CPD record summary.

What happens if I don't send in my CPD evidence?

If we do not receive the evidence to verify 15 hours of learning with other people by 30 September, and you do not have exceptional circumstances that would allow the Registrar to waive the requirement for that year, you may be removed from the register.

More information on our checking process can be found below

We check a percentage of annual CPD summaries and have developed a process to ensure we engage with each registrant fairly, giving them the opportunity to show us how their CPD meets our requirements.

When reviewing the CPD record summaries, we check that:

  • the registrant has given at least one clear learning cycle and has demonstrated how it relates to one of the requirements
  • the plan section has been suitably completed
  • all of the learning activities stated are within the specified CPD year
  • the learning needs or interests are in the context of professional practice and relate to the registrant’s professional learning and development 
  • the evaluate section has been suitably completed:
    • the registrant has clearly shown how they have applied their learning to their practise
    • the hours listed as other CPD clearly meet the requirements as in 4 above
    • at least 30 hours of learning has been completed in total, with at least 15 hours of that learning with others

In the vast majority of cases it is clear that the registrant has met the CPD requirements and we will notify the registrant by email that their CPD has met the requirements of the scheme.

If we are unable to accept someone’s CPD record summary

  • Where the requirements listed above have not been met, we ask the registrant for further details or clarification
  • However, since some registrants provide detail well in excess of the minimum requirement, if there is then an issue with some hours but overall the summary meets the requirements, we would not require further information but will provide feedback
  • If after receiving additional information uncertainty still remains, we will ask the registrant for some further clarification.
  • The process cannot be open-ended and where we are not able to accept a summary despite further clarification from the registrant, we would normally ask the Registrar for a final decision
  • At this point the Registrar may:
    • accept the summary
    • ask for a final statement from the registrant before a specified deadline, or 
    • where it’s clear the activity does not fall within the CPD scheme, require the registrant to provide an alternative learning cycle or activities to those that are in question
  • Should the Registrar receive a statement that does not satisfactorily show how the CPD submission falls within the scheme; a final warning may be issued to the registrant requiring an alternative CPD record summary with a deadline of 14 days
  • If at the end of that period an alternative summary has not arrived the Registrar may remove the registrant from the register for failing to comply
  • The registrant has the right to appeal the Registrar’s decision

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